Christmas 2021

Celebrate Christmas

So when you do good, you stop foolish people from saying stupid things about you. This is what God wants. Live as free men. But do not use your freedom as an excuse to do evil. Live as servants of God. 1 Peter 2:15-16

Freedom to worship,
freedom of choice,
freedom to gather,
freedom of voice,

no one can dictate–
not in this land;
people all over
taking a stand.

Freedom’s not license
to do others ill;
love for our brother
governs us still.

Celebrate Christmas
your own special way;
freedom eternal–
thank Him today!

2021 Cheri Neuman Herald


Christmas 2020

Lessons From Lockdown

I’d use the time well
get lots of things done
the country locked down
was no time for fun.

I sorted the Tupperware
homecooked my meals
burned some old paperwork
searched ebay for deals.

Polished the silver
trimmed my own hair
purged all the closets
of clothes I don’t wear.

Then I slowed down
stopped watching the time
slept a bit later
began a new rhyme.

Sat on the porch
and noticed the birds
listened to music
and heard all the words.

The quiet is lovely
without all the cars
I laze with the cats
and gaze at the stars.

Learned that my days
are sweeter spent slow
It took a pandemic
to learn what I know.

2020 Cheri Neuman Herald

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas 2018

With a Grateful Heart

For diamonds of dew
on a spider’s web
that strikingly catch the eye,

for that double bow
a special treat
that colors a dreary sky,

for a special friend
with stalwart heart
that’s always standing by,

for Cardinal birds
and butterflies
they say are sent from Heaven,

for our Savior’s grace
and sacrifice
that mended what was riven,

with a grateful heart
give thanks, rejoice!
for gifts that God has given.

2018 Cheri Neuman Herald

Somehow, I didn’t post last year’s poem here,

Christmas 2019

Peace, Christmas Peace

Nothing in life
is ever one-sided,
but this current strife
has our country divided.

Not since the years
of the Vietnam War
have political fears
hurt relationships more.

But it’s Christmas!
Relax, get some sleep.
Our families need us–
the battle will keep.

In World War I,
in the midst of the fray,
a truce was begun
on a chill Christmas day.

One soldier voiced
“Silent Night” in the cold,
then both sides rejoiced
in that carol of old.

Divided, we fall;
let the arguing cease.
Descend on us all
sweet Spirit of Peace.

2019 Cheri Neuman Herald

Merry Christmas, all!!

Christmas 2017

And Grace Will Lead

Some days the world seems bleak,
a colorless landscape, all uphill,
whose horizon stretches so far
we cannot speak, and home
seems impossibly out of reach.

Yet, hope ensures–
that small bird
that finds the will to try again,
endures, when strength is gone
and sleep almost seems the fairer answer.

Drawn steadily toward infinity,
the harvest ripe, the reaper ready,
face upturned to the beckoning dawn,
and grace will lead us home.

© 2017 Cheri Neuman Herald

Merry Christmas! Wishing you the hope ensured by grace.

Christmas 2016

Mary Was Willing
I am the Lord’s servant, May your word to me be fulfilled.— Luke 1:38

From Judah’s kingly tribe,
perhaps from Levi’s, too,
came a humble woman willing
to do what God would have her do.

An angel brought the news
that Mary was the one
to bear the savior of the world,
God’s only begotten son.

Her reply made no demand
of proof his words were true;
Mary was willing,
how about you?

2016 Cheri Neuman Herald

Revisiting a Memory

When my girls were growing up, one family tradition was a yearly pilgrimage to Rogers Christmas House in Brooksville, Florida. Five old wood frame homes were connected by walkways surrounded by exotic flowers, lush greenery and giant Oaks. Each had a different theme (Victorian, Storybook, Magnolia House, etc.) and was a magical fairyland loaded with unique Christmas ornaments, lights and collectibles that matched that house’s theme. Hours were spent choosing that year’s perfect ornament. Sadly, Rogers closed several years ago. Today was drizzly and I decided to take a drive to Brooksville. To my surprise, the parking lot at the Christmas House complex was full. Upon investigation, I discovered a lovely new tea room occupying one of the old houses. Perfect. Then, in addition, I found one of the others housed a reopened, just smaller, Rogers Christmas House. Sometimes, you can go home again.

First Post

I’ve been through several blog incarnations in the past 15+ years. Geocities and Angelfire died natural deaths. Xanga seems terminal. So, here I am at WordPress. Several fellow-Xangans also found refuge here. We’ll see how this goes.